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All Your Power

Hi, I'm daryn bleach!

As a young adult, self-love, worthiness or personal power were nowhere in my reality. I never thought about them. No one asked me about them. I didn't see them anywhere. 

As it turns out, I was a chronic people pleaser. I didn't know anything about boundaries, so of course, I didn't have any. My way of being in the world was giving my power away - caring too much about how others feel or think and not enough about my own feelings, comparing myself to others, judging myself, doing things because I knew it would make someone else happy or meet their expectations, attaching my worth, my value to other people's approval, applause or praise. I was so used to being this way that I didn't think anything of it.

In spite of my healthy upbringing, this set the stage for the next chapter of my life - emotional and mental abuse. After being in a severely abusive relationship where I was deeply manipulated, controlled and left completely depleted - there was nowhere to go but up.

I started reading any self-help book I could get my hands on. I tried any suggestion, trick, tip or tool that might help me feel even a tiny bit better. And I cried, a lot. But I was deeply committed to healing. I was deeply committed to my Self. This sparked the greatest journey any of us can take - the journey to self-love, empowerment and wholeness.

After many years of deep self-inquiry and a lot of growing pains, it's my mission to bring everything I know about self-love, worthiness and personal power to young women who, like myself, are probably not thinking much about it. 

"The greatest gift we can give ourselves is getting to know and accept all of us."

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I've come to know empowerment in three profound ways - unconditional self-love, believing in and acting from my worthiness and radical self-responsibility. At All Your Power, I support young women on their journey to know themselves by using these three powerful guideposts. 

Together we explore the different pillars of self-love - integrity, self-care, self-trust, self-worth, self-responsibility and self-compassion & forgiveness. We take a closer look at what self-worth means and when we are making choices that support the message we are enough, we matter, we are important. We learn that self-responsibility asks us to step out of victimhood. It asks us to take accountability for not only taking care of ourselves and meeting our needs, but for our choices and our emotional triggers.

Our relationship with ourself is truly the most important one we have.


All Your Power invites you to make it a priority.

My Mission
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